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Safer World Foundation's Path to Peace Through Peace Education In Secondary Schools • Safer World Foundation

Safer World Foundation's Path to Peace Through Peace Education In Secondary Schools

On the occasion of International Peace Day, we pause to reflect on the pivotal role that education plays in fostering peace in our world. At Safer World Foundation, we firmly believe that education is not only a path to personal growth but also a powerful catalyst for building peaceful communities. In this article, we delve into the significance of education in promoting peace, with a special focus on our initiative, “Peace Education in Secondary Schools,” which has been making a profound impact in diverse communities, particularly in northern Nigeria.


Education is a beacon of hope, lighting the way towards a more peaceful world. It empowers individuals with knowledge, instills critical thinking skills, and promotes empathy and understanding – all essential ingredients for peaceful coexistence. Here’s why education and peace are inseparable:

  1. Conflict Resolution: Education equips individuals with conflict resolution skills, enabling them to peacefully address disputes and disagreements in their communities.

  2. Promotion of Tolerance: Education exposes individuals to diverse perspectives and cultures, fostering tolerance and respect for differences.

  3. Gender Equality: Educating girls and boys equally contributes to gender equality, a fundamental element of sustainable peace.

  4. Economic Stability: Education leads to better job opportunities and economic stability, reducing the likelihood of individuals resorting to violence due to desperation.

  5. Capacity and Competence: Education helps to build people’s abilities to achieve their goals, and also contribute effectively to the goals of others.


In the diverse landscape of Nigeria, where tolerance and understanding are crucial, Safer World Foundation’s “Peace Education in Secondary Schools” initiative aims to create a ripple effect of peace. This program is designed with the following objectives:

  • Equipping Participants with Peaceful Values: We provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to promote the values of peace in their communities. Through interactive sessions, we explore the principles of non-violence, conflict resolution, and respect for diversity.
  • Building Peace Ambassadors: Our program goes beyond education; it nurtures young minds to become peace ambassadors. We empower students to actively champion peace, whether within their school or in their wider communities.
  • Formation and Strengthening of Peace Clubs: We encourage the formation of new Peace Clubs within schools and provide support to strengthen existing ones. These clubs serve as platforms for students to continue their peace-building journey and initiate community projects that promote peace.


The impact of our “Peace Education in Secondary Schools” initiative is best reflected in the words of the young peace ambassadors themselves:

Amina, a 16-year-old student: “Before Safer World Foundation came to our school, I didn’t understand the importance of peace and was always getting into fights. Now, I’m proud to be part of the Peace Club, and I’m working to spread the message of peace in my neighbourhood.”

Ahmed, a 17-year-old student: “The workshops conducted by the Safer World Foundation have taught me that violence is never the answer. I’m committed to resolving conflicts peacefully, and I’m encouraging my friends to do the same.”

Mrs. Mary, a school teacher: “The atmosphere in our school has been transformed by Safer World Foundation. The Peace Club is thriving, and students are actively involved in promoting peace. We’ve seen a significant decrease in conflicts among students and that makes our work easier.”

On this International Peace Day, we celebrate the transformative power of education in fostering peace. Safer World Foundation’s “Peace Education in Secondary Schools” initiative is a testament to our commitment to equipping the next generation with the tools and values they need to build a more peaceful Nigeria and world. As we witness the positive feedback from our peace ambassadors, we are reminded that peace is not an abstract concept; it is a tangible goal that can be achieved through education, understanding, and unity. Together, through education, we can empower the next generation to be ambassadors of peace and create a brighter, more harmonious future for all.

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