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Once during a Boko Haram invasion, I ran away with my baby strapped on my back. When I got to a moderately safe place I  stopped  to breastfeed my child and my heart shattered as all i held in in my hands was his lifeless body. All along I was running and didn’t notice that my baby had died. This has been a cause of nightmares and sleepless nights for me, I’ve had to rely on medication to sleep well but for two days now I haven’t taken anything to help me sleep and I believe that my recovery is close.

READ stories of Participants providing Psycho-Social Support (PSS) and become Healing and Listening Companions to other women in their community

" News about the training we had a while back spread all over Dikwa and a good number of women have come to me since then to share their problems. It started with one woman after what I’ll call a successful listening session; she was thankful and felt at ease by only being listened to and she referred another person to come to me. From then till now I have being a listening companion to at least 12 women. And I have followed up with all of them and it makes me happy to see that they are coming along. "
" I came across a woman who was abducted and married to a Boko Haram member but managed to escape back to Dikwa. At this point, she was harbouring thoughts of returning to the Boko Haram camp because according to her, since she came she has only being met with hostility, she fears even going to the market. I was able to dissuade her from going back and as I speak, she has made up her mind to remain here in Dikwa. "

Stories like this are the Reasons why we do what we do.

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