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Gabriel J. Vanco
Adamawa State Team Lead and Focal person

Gabriel J. Vanco is the Adamawa State Team Lead and Focal person of Safer World Foundation. He has been working towards peacebuilding, Advocacy for women children and the less privileged as well as helping the Traumatized embarked on their journey of healing and recovery. He works in many parts of the Northeast and the North Central among different cultural and religious backgrounds. He works to build peace, develop friendship and to heal the broken hearted.

Gabriel J. Vanco holds the Nigerian Certificate in Education NCE and a Bachelor of Technology degree (B.Tech) from the Federal College of Education (FCE) Yola (1994) and the Federal University of Technology Yola (2002) respectively. He has also acquired skills and knowledge on Trauma Healing and Resilience, Turning The Tide of Violence and Revenge (T.T.T) as well as Dialogue, Reconciliation and peace building through trainings, seminars and workshops within and outside Nigeria.