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Forgiveness: Victim to Survivor

March, 2021

Forgiveness: Victim

“For the first time in many years, I slept without taking piriton. I thought not being able to sleep is part of being blind. But going through the session on trauma healing, I realized that I didn’t have peace of mind because I had refused to forgive the man who hit me and got me blind”


Forgiveness begins your journey from victimhood to becoming a survivor. It is the willingness to abandon one’s right to resentment, negative judgment and indifferent behavior towards one who unjustly hurt us. It is not a sign of weakness. Rather it is a sign of strength and acceptance.

Forgiveness is difficult because victims don’t understand that it is a matter of choice and not emotions. It releases the need and desire for revenge and allows for renewed hope. Most victims find it difficult to forgive because they have developed a level of comfort and familiarity with the feeling that go with holding on to the anger and pain.

“I have opened up my mind to forgive him as I now know that forgiveness is not the same as reconciliation. Forgiving him is for my own good and it gives me peace”

Breaking the cycle of violence

It liberates the imprisoned spirit, the mind and the body which are trapped in the past. It however does not mean letting the offender(s) off the hook or absolving them of any responsibility

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