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Project Title:

Third Party Monitors of the National Social Safety Nets Project (NASSP)

Supporting Partners:

World Bank, Federal Government of Nigeria, NASSCO, CHEERS



The National Social Safety Nets Project is part of government’s policy of growth and social inclusion aimed at addressing poverty, which is one of the social challenges facing Nigeria. With support from the World Bank; the project seeks to, among other components, support targeted/selected poor households with monthly cash transfers. This is with the hope of laying foundation for the government’s long-term objectives of targeting and delivering safety nets to poor and vulnerable households across the nation. As a means of ensuring social accountability and citizens engagement, NASSP is designed to engage State Level Civil Society Organizations as third-party monitors for the targeted cash transfer program in selected states of the federation.

As a third-party state level CSO monitor, Safer World Foundation (SWF) is providing credible and unbiased information on the different processes that are being implemented. These, among others, include monitoring and scrutinizing the processes that lead to the identification of poor and vulnerable households in Bauchi State, the process of selection of targeted beneficiaries from the Social Registry as well as processes related to the actual cash transfer program.

Safer World Foundation is providing service coverage to the 20 Local government Areas (LGAs) that make up Bauchi State at both the LGA level and at community level, by providing monthly reports for review and advise on the overall processes, based on independent monitoring of activities. SWF deploys key technical experts with the requisite skills and capacity to monitor delivery of benefits in timely and transparent manner, to ensure accuracy of results obtained from the field as well as other issues of complaints from the project beneficiaries.