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Safer World Foundation (SWF) Signs new grants with the Nigerian North East Connection (NEC) funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

On May 13 2022, the Northeast Connection (NEC) awarded Safer World Foundation (SWF) two new grants in Adamawa State of Nigeria to implement two projects titled Youth Inclusion in Democratic Conflict Resolution and Civic Education” and Setting Up Trauma Listening Centers, Psychosocial First Aid and Referral pathways for 12 communities from 4 wards of Mubi North and Mubi South Local Government Areas of Adamawa State” with support and funding from the American people, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The overall goal of the projects are as follows:

  • To reduce the risk of recruitment of community members by extremist organizations by engaging communities in prevention activities and increasing the leadership roles of young people in addressing local drivers of conflict and fragility in the Northeast
  • To raise awareness on trauma and equip communities with functional community-driven psychosocial support systems that will provide basic psychological first aid services to vulnerable community members who experience trauma as a result of conflict and violence and create a referral pathway in Mubi North and Mubi South LGAs.

It is expected that youth’s capacity will be enhanced in conflict management to address existing and emerging conflicts and also raise awareness amongst community members on trauma and provide basic psychosocial first aid services to vulnerable persons across targeted communities.

During the kick-off meeting and grant signing ceremony, The chief of party for Northeast Connection, Mr. Albert Pam had this to say,  

“This is an effort by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to basically see how they continue to support Community Based Organizations (CBOs) interventions and innovations in the Northeast region of the country (Nigeria) in other to frustrate the efforts of the violent organizations and build community resilience to conflicts and also infiltrations by insurgents,”

He also stated that

“There is no better intervention that should come up at this moment in the communities where we serve as we can see, the objectives are geared and aligned properly to continue to advance peaceful cohesion and fill some of the gaps that have been identified. We at Northeast Connection are happy to continue working with Safer World Foundation team. I believe we will achieve all the goals and objectives under this project.”

Yonpan Dariem Abdullahi, The National Programme Coordinator for Safer World Foundation assured Northeast Connection of ensuring quality and timely implementation of the projects.

“We are looking forward to a smooth implementation of the project, SWF is a learning organization and we are looking forward to learning on these projects while leveraging on past experience and relationships to ensure that this project is as impactful as it hopes to be. We appreciate the opportunity for a collaborative implementation and we would ensure that we take that path throughout the implementation of this project.”

It is important to note that the project will promote democratic processes through civic education and democratic conflict resolution to improve youth leadership and set an inclusive decision-making atmosphere to prevent the continued marginalization of young people in the state. Evidence shows that the continued marginalization of young populations from decision-making processes leads to poor understanding of democratic processes, poor engagement at the community and state levels, and fosters mistrust which can lead to conflict.